Congratulations to the class of 2016

The Council would like to congratulate the class of 2016 on the national pass rate of 72.5%, which is an improvement from the previous year and represents a consistent trend over the past five years of national results above 70%.

Grade 12 signifies a significant milestone that paves the way to lifelong learning and participation in the country’s social and economic transformation.

The Council would also like to commend the Department of Basic Education for its decision to include progressed learners in the number of learners enrolled for 2016. This addresses the country’s challenge with retention and high drop-out rates in the schooling system.

To the class of 2016, may you continue to strive for excellence and engrain the same dedication displayed during the 13 years of foundation, primary and secondary learning, in your working lives.

We wish you well.


Issued by the General Secretary on behalf of the Executive Committee of the ELRC.

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