Education Indaba – 2017

The Education Indaba held on 20th and 21st June 2017, was a significant and historical event that brought together senior leaders of both the Department of Basic Education at national and provincial level, as well as the teacher unions in the ELRC, SADTU and CTU-ATU.

The Indaba offered an opportunity for stakeholders to deliberate on combative, yet critical issues to ultimately improve teaching and learning in public schools. The Indaba served as a catalyst to start an ongoing dialogue on key education issues that are not necessarily matters of mutual interest which finds expression in the ELRC, but issues that directly impact the conditions of service of educators.

All stakeholders shared their strategic imperatives at national and provincial level and the outcome of the Indaba is a Declaration, which depicts the spirit of collaboration displayed by all participants in an effort to realise the vision of the National Development Plan for education by 2030.

The Education Indaba participants resolved that work streams would be established under the stewardship of the ELRC to execute the tasks emanating from the 2017 Education Indaba.

The following Work streams will be established:

• The PPN Work stream
• The ECD/Grade R (Institutionalisation) Work stream; and
• The Curriculum Work stream (to collaborate with the Task Team on the review of CAPS Chapter 4)

The event was a resounding success which captured the essence of the Indaba theme, “One accord in education, for a brighter tomorrow.”

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